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Bethany Suckrow | About


Hey there. I’m Bethany Suckrow (pronounced “soo-crow”). Pen to paper, word to web, this is a story of life and faith, of the tension between grief and grace, and of growing into my voice as a writer.

“She Writes and Rights” is a turn of phrase that explains my life : I am writing and righting as I go, learning and relearning, drafting and editing.

If you explore my archives you’ll find that as my life has grown and changed, so has my writing. What started as a place to talk about my fears and failures and discoveries as a starving post-grad writer became a space to tell my story.

The Story :

In January 2012, my mother died of metastatic breast cancer after living with the disease for fourteen years. Thanks to this community of readers, filled with friends and family near and far, I’ve been able to write through this strange, hard, beautiful experience of mourning this loss, celebrating mom’s life, and finding my way back to faith. I am learning to grieve out loud, and that is a profound kind of Grace. My hope is that this blog connects with those of you who are also living stories of loss, healing and hope much like my own.

The Book :

A memoir about this experience is forthcoming, co-written by my mom and I. It recounts the many years of mom’s illness, from her perspective and mine, and our respective faith journeys. All updates on the book’s progress are gathered here.

The Writer :

I’m a full-time writer in higher education by day. The blog and the book happen in the in-between, in the late nights and early mornings and free weekends. When I’m not hunched over my desk typing obsessively, you can find me curled up in a chair with coffee and a good read, or standing at my kitchen counter chopping vegetables, because I love to cook (and eat.) I live with my musician husband Matt in the Chicago ‘burbs.