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Guest Post | Inspiration and Rough Drafts. | Bethany Suckrow

Guest Post | Inspiration and Rough Drafts.

It’s been awhile since I guest posted, but today I’m happy to share a story over at Melissa Tydell’s blog, Inspiration and Rough Drafts. Melissa and I had the pleasure of meeting at Jess Constable’s Business in the City gathering in December, and we love to keep tabs on each other in the blogosphere and our professional writing endeavors. She is a freelance writer with her own business, Melrose Street Custom Content – you should check her out! Thank you Melissa for this opportunity!

“We climb slowly into the conversation we’re here to have, about creativity and literature and art and making it through my twenties. He, in his early 30s, tells me about the penniless dates he and his wife had when they first moved to Chicago a decade ago, when he started grad school at the School of the Art Institute and they had no kids and didn’t know how they were going to make it through their twenties.

He asks me about my freelance work. Oh, yeah…” (Continue Reading)


  • http://www.inspirationandroughdrafts.com/ Melissa

    Thanks for sharing this lovely story on my blog!  Hope we can meet up again one of these days :)