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Guest Post | The Language of Grace | Bethany Suckrow

Guest Post | The Language of Grace

Today I’m over at Emily Miller’s blog sharing a guest post for the final installment in her hospitality series. Hospitality is a favorite subject of mine, because I love to offer my hearth and home to anyone and everyone. This story I share today reveals why.

Everyone is laughing at my cousin’s 18-month-old son, Mason, as he sings la-la-la-la-la-la along with his grandma, my aunt. She has taught him the chorus of this old country tune during afternoons when she sits him in her lap on the big old porch swing. His ears perk at the sound of her singing it as she explains their ritual to us, and his baby voice echoes it back in delight. We laugh, and he sings it again, louder this time, and then we’re all taking turns singing it to him and he cackles at all the attention, clapping his hands, watermelon juice dribbling down his chin.

Can you feel it?


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