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A Different Kind of Inspired By Post. | Bethany Suckrow

A Different Kind of Inspired By Post.

It’s been a good week for remembering why I do this – blogging, that is. I’ve been exhausted of it lately, uninspired, and perhaps not as diligent as I wish I could be. This week I got some really good news (which I will share soon, but not today) and it made me think about how glad I am that I’ve stuck it out, even when I kind of hate it.

I talk about this a lot, that when I started blogging in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to write daily and have some accountability. Three years later, that is still my goal. I’m glad that I didn’t start out with the expectation that someday I would monetize it and be a mommy blogger with the craft skills of Martha Stewart and children fit for Gerber ads. My original intention is what keeps me from quitting when I see the stats wane or when I have a week where I’m just too caught up in other work to tend it as faithfully as usual.

When I started, I wasn’t even reading other blogs yet, especially writing blogs. Once I started finding bloggers I liked and following their content, I was able to learn from them and grow in my own voice and ideas. We need the encouragement and criticism of a community to help us grow in our work.

But lately? My exhaustion is a direct result of the community I’ve come to love, unfortunately. With a few wonderful exceptions (see my past Inspired By posts for great examples), several circles of the blogging community have drank the vitriol of culture wars and binged on their own drivel, and quite frankly, I’m really freaking sick of it. Sick of it enough that sometimes I want to quit the internet, just to keep myself from getting brainwashed with them. Sick of it enough that I wonder if my voice is clear and strong enough to be heard beyond the din of insults and accusations, and if it’s not, then is this worth doing at all?

I know that many of you, like me, wonder the same things and worry about whether it is worth the time. And I appreciate that because it means you care about being honest. It means you want to be real with your work, and you want to be a part of an authentic community. This is what inspires me. This is the reason I am here.

Today I want to celebrate that. Instead of linking to a bunch of good reads, I want you to do it. And I want you to do it for yourself.

What is the best post you’ve ever written*? Share it in the comments.

Why? Because we need your voice.


*If you’re not a blogger, share a link to a good read you came across this week!

  • http://cajoh.blogspot.com/ Christopher Johnson

    I sometimes find that the writers that I looked up to when I started writing either no longer blog, or do not inspire me as they used to. I too have been blogging a long time and have seen the changes. It is hard to say what makes a post a best post, I am proud of many of them. Here is a link to a story I am proud of writing:

  • TGL

    I definitely go through my moments, and then have an entire month where I write one post, like this past month. Then I remember that this community was one that lifted me during a very difficult time in my life, and suddenly it becomes worth it to keep it up in some way shape or form.

    As for my best post? As morbid as it sounds, I think it was the one about Death in early October. Difficult to write though.

  • http://the-blank-page.blogspot.com/ Laura

    My blog is still in the early stages and has very few hits. That used to bother me to no end, but I’ve learned not to let it get to me. I always try to remember that I blog because I love it and that I shouldn’t envy other blogger’s success.

    So Thank for this post. That second-to-last (?) paragraph really hit home. I’ve learned so much from this community, and I am forever grateful.This is a link to one of posts I am the most proud of: http://the-blank-page.blogspot.com/2012/05/letter-to-my-former-english-teachers.html

  • http://twitter.com/lukedoesntknow Luke Bridgeman

    Just discovered this blog and this post is super relevant, since I haven’t posted on mine in about 3 weeks. You pretty much said it all. Like you, though, I’ve learned that the more I write, the more I want to write. So naturally it goes the other way as well. Sometimes I feel as if writing is just a way to procrastinate and not DO. I’m struggling with that right now, which is probably why I haven’t written anything.

    My favorite personal post? Probably this one I guess because I feel like I was actually saying something. http://lukedoesntknow.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/freedom-and-prison/