Labor Day Weekend.

It’s Labor Day / Annual Family Lakehouse Weekend. (One of my favorite weekends of the year and one of my favorite places on earth with some of my favorite people.) We leave tomorrow but my bags have been packed since Sunday, that’s how ready I am for a few days off (of work and of internet access.) If that’s not a sign of how desperate I am for rest and relaxation, then I don’t know what is … except maybe the fact that I’ve suffered from insomnia for four nights running. As in, I lay wide awake between the hours of two and five a.m. with Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” stuck in my head for no apparent reason. I liked that song until it became the soundtrack to the cycle of my anxious, deranged, sleep-starved-at-three-a.m. thoughts. I get up in the morning feeling like my brain has been running a marathon all night long. I’m verging on insanity.

So, the blog is a little neglected and I’m in need of a major rest and reboot. I’ll be back next week with some new words, though. Have a fun holiday weekend, friends.

  • Rory Green

    Hi Bethany! I hope you have a really truly wonderful weekend – I’m sure you will. I remember vividly when you wrote about the lake house last year. The image you posted is so very beautiful – it calms my heart. We spent only two days at a lake this summer, but it was the best 48 hours of the entire three months. To be beside a lake is pure tonic for the soul, and when you add your family to that equation, it sounds magical. Breathe, hug, pause, feel, enjoy :) rory