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The Nature of Things. | Bethany Suckrow

The Nature of Things.

It is the great echoing of the universe that comes back to you, in your loneliness, to remind you that this vast, complex longing is what gives you belonging to this world. The ocean ebbs and flows, the weather rages and quiets, the day rises and falls to the light and darkness, with you. The trees burst and lose their leaves in a pattern of life and death as a reminder : this mournful, barren winter is real; this small bud of hope called spring is real. This substance of your self, skin and blood and bone and water, is the universe in and outside of you, too. It is your companion, the honest one that does not ask you to keep shining brightly when your day has ended and it is time to rest. When the tide is out, the slender white heron lands gracefully in the twilight, in the soft sponge of the bay to eat; everything at home in its time. Nature is an invitation: the world is yours, and all the seasons in it, you.


  • sketchesbyboze

    This post is so beautiful, so sacramental. It reminds me of a meditation on creation written by St. Augustine:


    I see so much of God in the work of our bodies and the life flowing through all creation.

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      That is beautiful, and such a compliment to be compared with the likes of St. Augustine! Thank you for sharing it.

  • http://www.natalietrust.com/ Natalie Trust

    This is exquisite, Bethany. I’m learning to rest in the invitation too.

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      Thank you, Natalie. :)

  • http://www.carisadel.com/ Caris Adel

    oh my gosh. love.

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      Thanks, Caris!

  • Andrea Beltran

    Lovely, Bethany. Thanks for your words.

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      Thanks for reading, Andrea! Hope you are well. :)

  • http://catherineannehawkins.com/ Catherine

    I was thinking this same thing yesterday as I was driving and the leaves were falling. It was a tough day, and I thought, “Nature goes through the same thing,” and here you wrote it, beautifully.

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      Catherine, that’s when the thought came to me, too. I was really struggling through some sadness and grief a few days ago, and feeling like there was no one there to understand. And then, cheesy as it sounds, I looked out the window and it was raining and the leaves were falling and it just hit me – nature gets it. Death is a part of life, and so is mourning, and so is the process of coming back to life again. So simple, so ordinary, but so profound.

      I’m so glad it resonated with you. I hope today is better for you, or if it’s not, that you don’t feel alone in it.