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On Being Found. | Bethany Suckrow

On Being Found.

My brother found this sweet boy abandoned on a country road last weekend. He was scraped up and filthy, no collar or microchip to guide him “home.” The vet told Jacob that from the looks of his wounds that he had been tossed out of a speeding vehicle. He’s only a few months old. Isn’t that sad?

But Jacob decided to keep him and we all got to meet him this weekend at the lake house. His name is Gunner, which seems fitting for his rambunctious personality.

A friend commented that Gunner may have been abandoned, but being on the side of the road like that when Jacob drove by was like winning the lottery. Watching the two of them go out on the lake in Jacob’s kayak this weekend, Gunner sitting peacefully between his legs, I couldn’t agree more.

Sometimes life is surprising that way, cruel and wonderful all in the same moment. We find ourselves at the intersection of the worst and best moments of our lives. Down on our luck, beat up, starved, abandoned, lost, and then we are found, swept up by unconditional kindness, healing hands, a place and people to call home.


P.S. I think I have a thing for writing about dogs. Look at that puppy face! Can you blame me?

  • melaniespringermock

    Oh boy. What a sweet looking face, soulful eyes, cute nose. I think writing about dogs can be our highest calling, actually. And your brother is a lucky man to have such a companion. Makes me want to give up on work today and go home and stretch out on the floor with my dog. :)

  • http://www.natalietrust.com/ Natalie Trust

    I’m with Melanie on this one. I want to bring my dog up on the bed with me for a nap. Love this post, Bethany!

  • http://thisblankpage.com/ Timothy Snyder

    “Sometimes life is surprising that way, cruel and wonderful all in the same moment. ”

    Love that thought.