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The Velvet Coat. | Bethany Suckrow

The Velvet Coat.

It hung on her coat rack for most of my childhood. My five, six, seven year old hands would pet the cuff, rub it against my cheek as she shoved my feet into snow boots before school. A picture of her in it hung above my Grandmother’s rocker for years. Her dark feathered tendrils disappeared into the dark velvet collar, her face and eyes shining out from it with happiness, mischief. She was gorgeous, I thought.

One day she handed it to me.
“It’ll fit you now. Do you want to try it? I used to wear it to see the opera in the city while I was at college. Made me feel special with heels and my tweed skirt.”
And as I slip it on in the mornings, right sleeve then left sleeve, flinging my own dark hair from beneath the collar, I imagine her in this life before we knew one another. Laughing, glamorous and innocent and young in a dark velvet coat in the amber glow of city lights. I wrap it closer to myself, this jacket, this girl in another world. Stay with me now.
  • RMBittner

    Feels like you're very close to a poem here…

  • Sarah…myyellowhouse

    Beautiful ~ I wonder if she was like the vision I had of her when I read this . . .

    It must be the week of long ago special memories.

  • Joe Bunting

    This is gorgeous, Bethany.

  • Bethany Suckrow

    Thanks, Joe!

  • Bethany Suckrow

    Thanks, Sarah. It's the only way I know how to share her. :)

  • Bethany Suckrow

    In fact, yes. I did write a poem based on this same idea of her. :)

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