This Face.

I’m spending my weekend with this fluffiest of furry faces, our puppy-in-law, Gabby. And she is (aside from my parents’ springer-lab, Ginger) the sweetest dog in the whole wide world. My heart swells whenever I see her bound across the yard, greeting me and my husband after we’ve been “too busy” to stop by for a couple weeks.

After losing dear old Duncan a year ago, Gabby’s presence in the Suckrow family has brought back a joy that was missing in our lives for awhile. She has this peculiar way of communicating with us that sort of astounds. I once caught her giving my father-in-law a legit hug, front paws around his neck, wet-nose against his cheek.

At any given moment, you will find her sitting nose-to-nose with one of us – my in-laws, my husband, or me – with a paw on our shoulder, arm, or chest, staring unblinking into our eyes, like she has something really important she’d like to say :

Did you know that there is a rabbit in the back yard? Right at this very moment? I can smell him. He’s going to eat Mom’s potted lettuce, I just know it. Let’s. Go. Outside.” [Tail wag for dramatic emphasis.]


I know you’ve had a rough day. Did you know I really really love you? Rub my ears and we’ll both feel better. Funny thing is, it works.